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IMPORTANT –“Proof that Kris stan photoshopped images to spread rumors about Tao”: DEBUNKING THE KRIS STAN PHOTOSHOP MYTH WITH COLD HARD FACTS


“Kris stan Becca photoshopped images to spread rumors about Tao” I’m sure many of you have read this somewhere or the other this past week. However, the basis of proof that was used to allege this itself is flawed- and I will demonstrate that now. Why? Because it isn’t fair that honest kris stans (like her and onlywuyifan and many others) are getting bullied and picked on for telling the truth, and because it isn’t right that more illegitimate fuel is being added to this fandom fire and creating more problems for each side. We should accept what happened and move on, instead of denying and fighting each other when the truth is out there.


1.       Please do go ahead and invade my ask box, but only after you have gone through this post.

2.       I have nothing personal against tumblr users who have acted in good faith to defend their bias- I am only proving that the methods used for that were inadequate and wrong. [mainly focussing on the statements made by zitoa ]

3.       Anyone who follows me knows Tao is one of my top biases as well, and am a hardcore Taoris shipper. This is NOT about Tao, this is about the truth. How you feel about this is not my business, but we should at least base our opinions on the truth.
[so I thought this needs to be clarified bc some of you have apparently gottn confused. I’m NOT a Tao Stan. I’m a Kris stan (if that wasn’t obvious). But Tao is one of my TOP biases in EXO.]

4.       This post only deals with the ‘proof’ used by some tumblr users to assert that the screencaps that show Tao liked some slightly questionable anti-kris posts were photoshopped (when in fact they were taken earlier in May itself- they are not available for us to see now because Tao unliked those posts)

The ‘proof’ is that a particular tumblr user says she could see that there were photoshopped layers in the images Becca posted, with her naked eye, and that her suspicions were confirmed when she X-rayed the image and it showed lots of layers. Although she has not provided proof for her findings she has put forward this post by zitoa as the proof for their accusations.

I conducted the same process used by Zitao and found some things of my own to report.


1.       Compression can be affected by low-image quality, not necessarily manipulation. Also, you can find whether compression varies in a picture or not, but there that itself does not prove IF and HOW manipulation has taken place. The website used to process this proof does not have some magic software that declares a photo to be manipulated, it only shows certain ways by which a (/an educated) guess can be made.

2.       ANY screenshot (like those used in this entire fiasco) will consistently show readings that make it look like they have been photoshopped. Photo analyzing tools warn against analyzing a screenshot because it will always throw up a wrong result aka the black white and purple fuzz

Even after running many fresh screenshots that I took myself, including those of Yifan and Tao’s weibo page, they all look the same as those alleged to have been photoshopped and show the same result.

Click READ MORE to find the real proof (including facts, screenshots and the tests I did) 


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130904: Congratulations Exo! 
12 wins for 12 members (◕‿◕✿)

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Normal voice, Oh Kwang Rok imitation, manly voice, gay voice, girly(?) voice, surprised voice, scary voice, kid voice

+ sexy beatbox (his sexy ahhh~ i can’t!)

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Anonymous asked: chanyeol if u were to play video games w kris how would it go do u think u would whoop his ass in halo do u think u would make him cry in mario kart












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Kris’s rap cut from Say Yes from the OST of BoA’s new movie, Make Your Move. 

Kris cut | DL 

full song | DL 

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[Fanaccount] 140129 - Kris arriving at Guangzhou Airport →


"There really isn’t an idol better than you, listening to fans seriously and answering all the questions. When we asked you if your things are heavy, if we need to help you carry any of it, you said "yes it is heavy, so I should (be the one to) hold them". Even though you were feverish, you still…

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106/ sehun moments: chinese lessons with daddykris

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i don’t think he’s okay with it baek…

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